Vaccine Side-effects Summary

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Last Update: 7/28/2021 12:01:12 AM [55641]

Description of Symptoms - 25 Most Recent

 Date (M/D/YYYY)SeverityManufacturerSymptom
535237 7/12/2021SeverePfizer / Biontech (COVID)Severe nausea, stomach ache, fever, chills, body aches, loss of appetite, fatigue
482704 7/1/2021ModeratePfizer / Biontech (COVID)EXTREME body fatigue, multiple day fever, chills, and irritation.
482703 7/1/2021ModeratePfizer / Biontech (COVID)Flu one day after the vaccine. Body chills, arm pain, and body pain.
482701 7/1/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)A sore arm after the vaccine was present. The sore arm lasted two days. He felt body pain and had a lot of difficulty sleeping. There was also a “minor pain surrounding the heart.”
419502 6/26/2021MinorJohnson & Johnson/Janssen (COVID)Head ache, low energy
509467 6/18/2021ModerateAstraZeneca-OxfordWoke up at 3am feeling extremely hot and sweaty. Tried to get out of bed but too dizzy and very unbalanced, so stayed in bed. Felt very dizzy and hot right through that day and unwell with dizziness and extreme fatigue for 3 weeks
535115 6/16/2021Life ThreateningAstraZeneca-OxfordHeart attack leading to cardiac arrest.
405719 6/15/2021ModeratePfizer / Biontech (COVID)2 days after vaccine I notice swelling in my left armpit, about the size of half a mango. It reduced by half the size the next day with lymphatic work and has continued to reduce after that.
482684 6/12/2021SeverePfizer / Biontech (COVID)Day 2 had a sharp pain in the centre of my chest as well as random chest pains on chest and ribs Day 3 I developed severe tenderness all over chest and rib area, and a burning feeling on my back and chest - I had a tele call with a dr who said it was a delayed reaction to the vaccine. Day 7&8 I woke up sweating with racing heartrate. burning sensation on front and back of chest, that is still present today. Day 9 I went to hospital . After a chest xray and blood work th
405677 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: After waiting 15 minutes after the administration of the Pfizer vaccine, the patient and his mom left the pharmacy. According to the mother, the patient told her in the parking lot that he was having dizziness and a little bit of shortness of breath. So they came back to the pharmacy. The mother also stated that he had asthma when he was younger but that she suspected he grew out of it. He had no other symptoms of a possible allergic reaction. I gave him 10ml of Benadryl (25mg) as a pr
405676 6/11/2021MinorModernaSymptoms: Scars on left arm, cramps, late period.
Other Meds: Multiple
Current Illnesses: High blood pressure, diabetes,overactive bladder,arthritis, carpal tunnel, back issues.
History: Obesity, back issues
Allergies: Lactose intolerance
405675 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Vaccine Administration Error
Lab Data: None
Other Meds: None
Current Illnesses: None
History: None
Allergies: None
405674 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Ear ringing Ammonia Inhalant Back to normal within 10 minutes
405673 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Vaccine Administration Error
Lab Data: None
Other Meds: None
Current Illnesses: No
History: No
Allergies: No
405672 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: About 2 days after 2nd covid vaccine I started to get chills, felt like a strong cold, coughed with mucous, skin was very sensitive, had low energy to do anything.
Other Meds: CMZ, Multi-vit, St.John's Wort, Fish Oil, Garlic
405671 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Arm pain originating in the deltoid region spanning down length of arm. Patient reports limited range of motion, pain, weakness, and tingling in fingertips.
Other Meds: Unknown
Current Illnesses: Unknown
History: Sickle Cell Trait
Allergies: No known
405670 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Pt. describes copious amounts of hair loss since receiving the vaccine.
Other Meds: Prednisone, methylprednisolone
Current Illnesses: "slight cold", respiratory "issues" , Left leg pain.
History: COPD, emphysema, hx. of breast CA 1994,
Allergies: NKFA, drugs-antihistamines, several opiates, CT scan IV dye
405669 6/11/2021MinorModernaSymptoms: Heart palpitations , shortness of breath , muscle aches, Headaches Dizziness tingling in my hands and feet.
Lab Data: none
Other Meds: none
Current Illnesses: I was sick a month prior to getting my vaccination. I did get tested and had a negative result for covid-19
History: none
Allergies: none
405668 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: 1258 Called to lobby. Pt pale, diaphoretic, and having tremors of extremities. Per mom he does this with vaccines. She did not say anything thinking it was psychological and if she did not mention it he would be OK. C/O dizzy. Transferred by parents to wheelchair then to treatment room. Two person standby assist to treatment table and lying in supine position. Verbalizes had not eaten and feels better lying down. 1300 VS 117-67 HR 76, Resp 14, O2 sat 97% room air. 1314 Skin color imp
405667 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: keratitis and irits, OU taking steroid drops now for 1 month
Lab Data: slit lamp examination
Other Meds: Insulin
History: Type 1 diabetes mellitus
Allergies: none
405666 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Post 15min observation, pt was feeling dizziness and nausea. Pt assisted to medical bay via wheelchair. Pt notes no PMH. Pt is currently on her menstrual cycle and on birth control medications. Pt given water and juice. 20mins post vaccination BP 88/44, HR 51, RR 20 -- > 7mins later 101/60, 63, 20. Pt stable and released from the vaccination site after symptoms resolved.
405665 6/11/2021MinorModernaSymptoms: Administration error, Vaccine given too soon (given after 20 days).
405664 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: Patient presented to clinic for second dose of vaccine. Patient did not report (and site did not confirm) that her first dose was received in January 2021, where she was given the COVID mRNA vaccine manufactured by Moderna. Patient's second dose had been delayed by COVID diagnosis and subsequent receipt of monoclonal antibody product (after the first dose). Patient tolerated injection well, but was notified by staff of the error.
405663 6/11/2021MinorPfizer / Biontech (COVID)Symptoms: HEADACHE
405662 6/11/2021MinorModernaSymptoms: epistaxis, minor
Other Meds: sertraline 100 mg qd nexplanon subq implant
History: major depression anxiety
Allergies: food (peanut)