Privacy & Use of Data has one purpose; to gather symptoms and side-effects of vaccine recipients.

Data is collected through a brief questionnaire completed by the visitor and gathered anonymously. This information is non-identifiable, however the Reporting page provides opportunity to link your personal information (name, email address and phone number) to the report, if you choose to let others contact you.

Personal Information collected is never shared or included with exported data. The postal/zip code (or Geo-code) provided enables relative pin-pointing of problem areas and cross referencing to geographic locations. Please note that if contact information is not provided, we will be unable to follow up with you.

The purpose for collecting data is to lobby government agencies for appropriate protective safety measures, if warranted. This information may have value in possible legal proceedings which may benefit from further interviews with participants. A checkbox provides opportunity to be contacted for additional information. Persons may opt to reverse this consent and remove themselves from any future contact at any time. reserves the right to provide, at times for a fee, collected data (which does not include personal information) to agencies that have a valid medical interest in this data. This may include health-related organizations.

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